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A Guide to Funeral Planning

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Monuments Markers Mausoleum Crypts

Leaves on Marble

Monarch  / Salisbury Pink

Imperial  Rose

Northern  Pink

Mountain  White

India   Red

              Canadian  Green

Dakota  Mahogany

                India  Blue  Pearl

Wausau  ( Wisconsin ) Red

Starlight Mist ( Pennsylvania )

Sierra ( Nevada )  Red

Celestial  Black

Colorado  Red

 Jet  Black (Africa)

Coral  Blue ( India )

Volga Blue - Zhitomir, Ukraine

White  Marble ( Italy )

Bahama  Blue


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Includes placement  at  Cemetery

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Die = Top • Base = Bottom • P2 = Polish Front & Back • P3 = Top, Front, & Back • P5 = All Polished

The  Ashford & Oliver Mortuary

The  Ashford & Oliver Mortuary

The  Ashford & Oliver Mortuary

The  Ashford & Oliver Mortuary


clic chart below to purchase  upright (singles) onlineThe  Ashford & Oliver Mortuary

Grey Granite standard size
Colors available
Colors available
Colors ( Import )
Imports require add'l timeline


Flat Markers are 4" thick and Hickey markers are 6" at top

Rafferty, Swift, Stauffer and Callahan have an optional vase hole; The Vase is an optional purchase. Kingsley has optional Metal Vase as shown

The  Ashford & Oliver Mortuary

vases  for  florals


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Journey' s   Remembered   Markers

JR's  Slant  markers



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JR 's Flat  markers

Single name   Flat   Markers

 JR's  Hickey / Bevel  markers

Hickey /  Bevel Markers

JR's Double name flat  markers

Double / Triple  name   FLAT    Markers