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We are pleased to offer a selection of TYPE OF PRODUCTS... But, first!

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Outer Containers for Cemetery

Plastic Grave Liners - Vantage - Funeral Products Line-up

Graveliner ( style may vary )

Weighing a mere 105 lbs., the Vantage Graveliner can be interred and repositioned without heavy equipment, reducing labor costs, workers' compensation claims, and damage to cemetery grounds.


                                      Grayson: 12 hrs.   Available  @ special  order, 

An entry level sealing unit that is thoughtfully designed to satisfy traditional cultural requirements at graveside that meets or exceeds cemetery regulations.

Vantage  Standard  Air Seal Vault:            

    Oversize available extra

Our line of Air Seal vaults takes advantage of the natural principal of captured air to keep water from rising into the vault. Seamless construction of non-porous polypropylene, plus a polymeric gasket and interlocking components assure a tight seal.

       The Paramount Vaults are designed with distinctive elegance. Their   Granite appearance  finished in Dove Gray, Rosewood, Lapis Blue, Cherrystone or Remembrance White offer a choice of styles for your loved one. Paramount Vaults feature the exclusive Vantage Duoseal double sealing system, stainless steel latches and are backed by a 100 year warranty.

                           Paramount  pictured    below


Top Seal Vault

Top Seal Vault

  v Sealed in the grave like a traditional vault,                       Ultima allows graveside services to proceed without interruption. This makes the Ultima extremely attractive to families and mourners, as well as the deathcare providers who serve them.



 14  Gauge Steel Grave Liner  by  Wise  East Tx.

        ( 20% discount available  payable cash )

Clark American Valor Vault

Metal Cemetery Burial Products


American Valor 12 Gauge Galvanized steel $2479.00
V. A. Reimbursement --$750.
TOTAL $1,729.00

Clark Grave Vault Comparison Guide

12 Gauge Copper Price: $16,999.00 - the best metal unit available!

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Personalization   is   available

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