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We are pleased to offer a selection of TYPE OF PRODUCTS... But, first!

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Outer Containers for Cemetery

Plastic Grave Liners - Vantage - Funeral Products Line-up

Graveliner: $740.00   ( style may vary )

Weighing a mere 105 lbs., the Vantage Graveliner can be interred and repositioned without heavy equipment, reducing labor costs, workers' compensation claims, and damage to cemetery grounds.


Grayson: $996.00           Available  @ special  order, 

An entry level sealing unit that is thoughtfully designed to satisfy traditional cultural requirements at graveside that meets or exceeds cemetery regulations.

Vantage  Standard  Air Seal Vault:   $1299.00            

    Oversize $1899

Our line of Air Seal vaults takes advantage of the natural principal of captured air to keep water from rising into the vault. Seamless construction of non-porous polypropylene, plus a polymeric gasket and interlocking components assure a tight seal.

       The Paramount Vaults are designed with distinctive elegance. Their   Granite appearance  finished in Dove Gray, Rosewood, Lapis Blue, Cherrystone or Remembrance White offer a choice of styles for your loved one. Paramount Vaults feature the exclusive Vantage Duoseal double sealing system, stainless steel latches and are backed by a 100 year warranty.

  Paramount  pictured    below --   $2032.00   


Top Seal Vault

Top Seal Vault

  v Sealed in the grave like a traditional vault,                       Ultima allows graveside services to proceed without interruption. This makes the Ultima extremely attractive to families and mourners, as well as the deathcare providers who serve them.            $2475.

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 14  Gauge Steel Grave Liner  by  Wise  East Texas

$ 1087.00  ( 20% discount available  payable cash )

Clark American Valor Vault

Metal Cemetery Burial Products


American Valor 12 Gauge Galvanized steel $2377.00
V. A. Reimbursement -$750
TOTAL $1,627.00

Clark Grave Vault Comparison Guide

12 Gauge Copper Price: $16,999.00 - the best metal unit available!

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Personalization   is   available